Richard's studio focuses on working with Dalle de Verre stained glass. Dalle de Verre (Fr. Slab of Glass) refers to stained glass made from a piece of one inch thick glass, approximately 8” x 12” that is broken and then faceted. It is the purpose of faceting to fracture and transform the glass in a way which lets the light come alive as it passes through the glass; that lets the glass breathe light.

Because the glass is heavier than the stained glass used in leaded and copper foil pieces and is commonly used in archietectural building and church design as windows. It is for this reason of weight that the pieces offered by the studio for hanging may be smaller than those of leaded or copper foil stained glass. When hanging Dalle de Verre pieces it is recommended that a secure contact is made into the wall, such as by penetrating a stud or using a drywall anchor. Each piece of glass includes 4 feet of gold chain for hanging.

The studio is currently producing larger windows for placement in doors and windows along with the hanging pieces displayed for sale in our gallery.

The studio is located in Ramona, California, about an hour northeast of San Diego.

Please feel free to contact us at:
Phone: (760) 788-9243

For the third year in a row, Richard is presenting new stained glass work in Sacred Space at the 2008 Los Angeles Religious Education Congress in Anaheim.  For the first time, he will be a vendor selling his work at Congress in the Exhibition hall.  

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