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Richard first studied Dalle de Varre stained glass when he was in a college seminary. During this time he took a class in leaded stained glass. In the years after leaving the seminary, he searched to learn how to make the beautiful windows he saw in the seminary chapels. In his search, he met the craftsman at age 94, who 20 years earlier had made the chapel windows in the seminary! It was at this studio where Richard made his first Dalle de Verre piece. In the following years, Richard continued to visit studios, meet craftsmen, and eventually got the tools and materials to make Dalle de Verre pieces.

One of the reasons Richard is so strongly attracted to Dalle de Verre is because it affords a unique opportunity to work with the color and light in the glass itself. Dalle de Verre glass is one inch thick. This allows the glass to be faceted or sculpted, which gives the light coming through the glass a new life, a new sparkle, a new beauty than if it was coming through stained glass that had not been faceted. It is through this process of faceting that Richard wants to “Let the Glass Breathe Light” and thereby enrich the lives of those who see his work.

In 2006, Richard’s work appeared in the Antelope Valley edition of the Los Angeles Daily News. In 2006 and 2007, Richard presented his work in “Sacred Space” at the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress in Aneheim, California.